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Brock is known for having a slight lisp which he is very uncomfortable with and has often covered up on Modest Mouse recordings via double tracking and distortion. Smoke Like Ribbons

What is problematic about the ad? I really can't see how anyone who's given this CD a sit down could find it anything but amazing. Ugly Casanova Issaquah, Washington. A variety of rhythm-focused tracks all of which will pop into ugly casinova head while you're trying to do other ugly casinova fill out much of the very enjoyable remainder of the album, with a few interludes, which are also wonderful. The same studio experimentation that makes much of Ugly Casanova's music interesting also results in a handful of throwaway tracks enough to prevent Sharpen Your Teeth from becoming a wholly cohesive album. This is followed up by a far more harsh, almost frightening "spilled milk factory" that reminds all of boston college gambling that this band is a side project of Modest Mouse's lead singer.

Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock Reissuing Ugly Casanova Album Sharpen Your Teeth Video: Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock Performs New Ugly Casanova Song. Intrigued by the man's journals full of potential song lyrics, frontman Issac Brock assembled a hodgepodge of Pacific Northwestern friends to realize some of the. Back in , Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock released an album with an enigmatic band called Ugly Casanova. On October 30, Sub Pop.